Promotion of the recycling of industrial waste and building rubble for the construction industry

Practical showing of recycling and reuse of waste from demolition of buildings

25.04.2013 - Maribor, Pesnica

On the 25.4.2013 was carried out Practical showing of recycling and reuse of waste from demolition of buildings. Practical showing was taking place on construction site in Maribor and Pesnica where 100 participants joined the event.
Protection of our planet, humans and sustainable development is forcing us in resource efficiency. Resource efficiency is one of the important targets of European Commission till 2020 where waste is playing an important role as a source. On the field of construction waste is target 70 % of recycled construction waste till 2020.

Aim of the practical showing is to present usefulness of recycled construction waste which depends on the demolition procedures. Demolition needs to be carried out selectively with sorting out the waste at point source or selective excavation during dig out of the soil.

Selective demolition of a building is processed reversely as construction, with demolition plan and plan for waste handling. Properly sorted waste can be used for use on the spot itself or can be handed over to the waste site for further processing. In addition, aim should be to have the shortest transportation route as possible which is environmentally and economically better.


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