Promotion of the recycling of industrial waste and building rubble for the construction industry

Proper management of construction waste-burden, responsibility and opportunity

11.06.2013 - Ljubljana

On the 11.6.2013 was organized second workshop with the topic Proper management of construction waste-burden, responsibility and opportunity.

Workshop was organized as part of the project ReBirth. There were participating 40 representatives of investors, project developers, communal companies and others who are interested in practical implementation of legislation on construction waste with technical possibilities for reuse of materials.

Construction materials are one of the biggest waste flows in Slovenia. With proper approach and selective demolition, waste material can be individually gathered and than reused or processed in construction products.

Construction sector is very suitable for use of recycled materials because of the need of big amounts of raw materials. Construction products from recycled materials are many times cheaper and have similar or even better properties. As an example was shown usage of recycled concrete in road surface where end properties were better compared to natural materials.

During the demolition of a building, special attention needs to be for asbestos waste and other danger materials. These kinds of materials need to be recognized already during the preparation phase for demolition.


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