Promotion of the recycling of industrial waste and building rubble for the construction industry

Proper management of construction waste-burden, responsibility and opportunity

26.11.2013 - Ljubljana

On 26.11.2013 a fourth workshop with the topic Proper management of construction waste-burden, responsibility and opportunity was organized by ReBirth partners. Workshop was held on Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. There were 40 representatives of investors, project developers, communal companies and others who are interested in practical implementation of legislation on construction waste with technical possibilities for reuse of materials.

pdfO projektu ReBirth (J. Leben) (.pdf 2.7MB)

pdfZakonodaja o odpadkih: kdaj odpadki niso vec odpadki (J. Leban) (.pdf 231KB)

pdfOd odpadkov do gradbenih proizvodov - Zakonodaja o gradbenih proizvodih (A. Mladenovic, M. Japelj) (.pdf 1.8MB)

pdfPriprava na rušenje objektov in izvajanje zemeljskih del (M. Šprinzer) (.pdf 382KB)

pdfSelektivno rušenje (Z. Cotič) (.pdf 12.0MB)

pdfReciklirani agregati - lastnosti in uporabnost (A. Mladenovič) (.pdf 8.6MB)

pdfZahteve zakonodaje o odpadkih, gradbenih proizvodih in graditvi objektov (Z. Cotič) (.pdf 8.2MB)

pdfObčina Vrhnika v skrbi za čisto okolje (E. Behrić) (.pdf 2.3MB)

pdfPrizadevanja Mestne občine Ljubljana na področju ravnanja z gradbenimi odpadki (N. Jazbinšek Seršen) (.pdf 7.2MB)

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