Promotion of the recycling of industrial waste and building rubble for the construction industry

Examples of good practice

The purpose of Project Rebirth is to identify good practice in the field of recycling of construction and industrial waste in Slovenia and abroad. Some of these will be presented here.

LIFE projects on the topic of construction waste

In the past several projects on the broader themes of construction waste have been successfully realized. These good practices are collected and summarized on the LIFE website.

Learn more about each project at the following link:

Example of the quality management tool for recycling of construction waste to produce aggregate

An example of good practice in the UK where a tool for quality management was developed. The quality management tool provides information and guidance on how to introduce a quality management system (QMS) in a recycling facility for the production of aggregates from some type of waste.

The purpose of the tools is to help implementing the principles of quality and the requirements of the QMS and the European Standards for aggregates in the quality management system.

For more information:

Recycled road project

Another example of good practice in the UK, the project Recycled road. Recycled roads have an opportunity to make both financial and environmental benefits arising from the use of recycled materials in their construction.

This project will promote and encourage the use of recycled materials in the following ways:
1) Workshops on the theme of recycling in road construction
2) Development of guidelines for local authorities on recycling road (Recycled Roads Procurement Guide)

For more information:

Example, a study of aggregates from Austria

The Austrian public agency conducted a study on recycling and industrial aggregates, which have the potential to replace natural aggregates in various EU Member States 27. In the study three categories of waste were considered: construction waste, steel slag and fly ash. Data on the occurrence, quantity and quality of these three categories of waste and recycling rate were collected.

For more information:
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