Promotion of the recycling of industrial waste and building rubble for the construction industry

Project ReBirth

Waste and its value as a resource are an issue which has been recently addressed intensively in the EU. This is reflected both in the environmental strategies for future years and in the goals set in the waste directive 2008/98/EC for waste material streams, including construction and demolition wastes, subsequently referred to as C&D waste.

C&D waste is recognised the most voluminous waste stream in most EU countries, representing on average roughly between 25-30 % of the total quantity of waste produced annually. This waste has a high potential to be transformed into excellent raw materials for construction and has already been identified as waste which could greatly benefit from the introduction of End-of-Waste criteria, also launched by waste directive 2008/98/EC. Similarly certain inert industrial waste streams, currently being landfilled, display properties which make them promising raw materials for construction purposes. While some EU members already exploit both material sources, others do not, though knowledge and good practice exist concerning waste usage as raw materials for construction purposes.

As Slovenia is one of the countries, where this usage needs to be promoted to professionals and also the general public in order to decrease the need to landfill and to steer common business practice towards the 2020 waste directive goal of 70% re-use, recycling and other material recovery of non-hazardous construction and demolition waste, by weight.

The general objectives of the project

It is the general objective of the project to contribute to the increased and better recycling of industrial waste and construction/demolition waste in the construction sector. This will be promoted through open, thoughtful, rational, timely and fact-based communication and on open dialogue, planned to raise awareness of recycling possibilities for industrial waste and building rubble for the construction industry at national, regional and local level.

Expected results:

The REBIRTH project will have a significant impact on the different domains of construction and demolition waste and industrial waste recycling. It is expected that it will be possible to achieve a permanent increase in the recycling rate for both C&D waste and industrial waste during the duration of the project, i.e. up to 10 % for C&D waste and up to 15 % for inert industrial waste by the end of the project's duration. A turn-around in illegal dump practices, i.e. no further increase in the number of illegal dump sites with C&D waste. It is also expected that the results of the project will ensure a long-term national beneficial effect in the form of a constantly increasing recycling rate, with the main goal of a 70 % recycling rate by 2020. It is expected that approximately 1.5 % of natural materials will be saved as an impact of the project by the end of 2014. This will be displayed through waste to raw material redistribution in industry and construction and demolition activities. Increased awareness will be identifiable through the test answers from training activities and the awareness raising contest in targets groups.

More information about the project.

Start date of the project: 1/10/2012

End date of the project: 31/12/2014

Project partners:

Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute

(The coordinating beneficiary)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
PKG Šprinzer Mirko s.p.
Klaro d.o.o.
Mayer McCann d.o.o.
Structum d.o.o.

Project budget:

Total project budget:   845.543 €
Total eligible project budget:   845.543 €
EC financial contribution requested:   422.772 € (50 %)
Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of Republic of Slovenia   165.454 € (20 %)

Additional info about the project:
Alenka Mauko Pranjić
Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZAG
+386 1 280 42 51
Slovenian national building and civil Engineering institute
Dimičeva 12
1000 Ljubljana
t: +386 1 280 42 51
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