Promotion of the recycling of industrial waste and building rubble for the construction industry

State in Slovenia

Survey at the beginning of the project regarding industrial and construction waste

At the beginning of the project ReBirth was prepared online survey with the aim to gather information about formation, disposal, processing and use of industrial and construction waste in Slovenia.

Experience and knowledge gained with the survey will be useful for implementation of project activities and definition of indicators for monitoring of project results.

Survey was carried out from April to mid-June 2012 aimed to industry, construction companies, public waste management companies, project developers and municipalities. Survey included questions regarding industry and construction waste, legislation, possibilities for use of industry and construction waste in construction and quality of construction products.

90 % of survey participants are aware that construction waste can be useful raw material. 60 % of participants think that disposing is not the most efficient and cost effective approach.

70 % of participants think that Slovenia has enough knowledge to produce quality products from industrial and construction waste, but they would use them if the products would be accessible with competitive prices.
Survey also showed that many of the participants do not have enough information and knowledge regarding life spam of products, technical characteristics and price.

90 % of participants think that Slovenia should have financial subsidies for research on usage of industrial and construction waste and 60 % thinks that reused waste should have advantage in process of public procurement.

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