Promotion of the recycling of industrial waste and building rubble for the construction industry

What to do with waste

Construction waste are not bulky waste neither municipal waste, so citizens can in general take construction waste to the landfill and they have to pay for it. However, small amounts can be taken free of charge at the collector centers. In the case of construction of the facility the investor is obliged to take care of construction waste so that before any construction work, the investor chooses an authorized collector of construction waste, who takes over the contract for collection and transport of such waste, or investor requires that directly in contract with the constructor. The investor must agree with contractors that they properly collect and store construction waste and at the completion of construction give the waste to construction waste collector. The investor must store record sheets on the construction waste for 5 years.

In the case of economic activity for the removal of waste generated in economic activities (manufacturing, small business, agriculture), the operator is obliged to conclude a contract with an appropriate authorized waste collectors and processors.

Waste processors

Waste processor is a person who processes waste, regardless of whether the person processes own waste or waste from other holders. For processing of waste, the processor must obtain a permit for waste procession at the Slovenian Environmental Agency. Processors of own waste that processing non-hazardous waste at the site where waste are produced must obtain confirmation of the Environmental Agency for the entry in the register of processors of their waste.

Waste collectors

Waste collector is a person who in accordance with regulations perform activity of collecting certain types of waste. A collector can begin collecting waste, after he obtain conformation of the Slovenian Environmental Agency for the entry in the register of waste collectors.

Waste transporters

Waste transporter is a person who in accordance with the rules operates as transporter of certain types of waste. The waste transporter can begain with waste transportation after he obtain conformation of the Slovenian Environmental Agency for the entry in the register of waste transporters.

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